Join the Krewe of Pontchartrain!

Who can become a member?

Everyone 18 and up is welcome. We are a diverse krewe and if you want to join our Krewe, we want you with us! Whether you’re a year-round New Orleanian or visiting from out-of-town and looking to upgrade your Mardi Gras experience, you’ll have a fantastic time and make life-long friends and memories.


Membership costs and what it includes:

Membership is $495 for adults over 25 and $325 for ages 24 and under.  These items are included in the cost of your membership:

Optional Purchases:

These items are not part of your membership dues, but are highly recommended to complete your Krewe experience:

You’ll be notified when these are available for purchase.


Individual Membership

Pretty much what you’d think … you sign yourself up, you pay, you ride. If you’re registering as an individual but have friends also riding that you want to ride with, you all need to agree on a “pack” name, and add that to the signup form when asked. The Krewe will try to keep you all together when possible, but no promises.


Group Membership

2 or more people will register, pay, and ride together (think a family, or a club, or an office group) with one person acting as Primary Member. The Primary Member is responsible for dues payments and acting as liaison with their group. Registering as a group helps ensure that you’ll be able to ride and be seated with your group at Krewe Events.