Krewe Safety Guidelines

Jan 22, 2024


  • Be aware of the safety of other riders – the carelessness of others will affect all.
  • Do not stand on boxes of throws – side heights are designed for safety.
  • Do not lean over sides of the float – that’s how people fall.
  • No rider shall sit on the edge of the float.
  • There should be no protruding nails on the float – even for throws.
  • Do not get on the top of the float or ignore someone else doing so.
  • Wear your safety harness at all times!
  • Use caution when moving about on the float – it’s MOVING!
  • Do not get off and on the float during route.
  • No smoking on the float or in the staging area – police will remove you!
  • No firearms on the float.
  • Do not throw from the front or back of the float – only from the sides.
  • Do not throw any unapproved or illegal throws:
  • No glass or throws with sharp edges or points (glass beads are ok)
  • No throws that blow up or detonate
  • No laser pointers, boxes, or sexually oriented throws
  • No silly string, metallic confetti, or stink spray
  • Additionally, City Ordinance requires that you always wear your mask during the parade and that the majority of your face is covered by the mask (don’t cut the mask too much). Riders who do not wear their mask will be removed from the float.

Please contact your float lieutenant or email if you have any questions.

Download this notice as a PDF.

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