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Level up your Mardi Gras experience.

We've all been a face in the crowd, arms outstretched and yelling for beads. It's terrific fun. Being a float rider tossing beads? Even better! It's easier than you think to check this one off your bucket list. What are you waiting for?


Why just watch the parade when you can ride in it?

Mix your Mardi Gras just the way YOU like it ...

Mardi Gras isn't a day … it's a season. It's not just parades, it's also formalwear and coronations and dancing and exquisite meals and and dressing crazy and foot-parading throught the Quarter … and so much more. Some Krewes like to package it all up and sell you a one-size-fits-all experience. We all love the parades, but maybe you're not all about the tux and ballgown thing. Maybe you're more of a midnight poboy than a lavish luncheon. You want that float spot, but you'd rather bring your own beads and throws. No problem! We'd rather let you customize your experience. Your dues cover the parade and parade-day party events and let you add the Coronation Ball, the Galatoires Luncheon and Krewe beads and throw packages a la carte.

Everyone is welcome

If you want to be in our Krewe, then we want you with us! Whether you’re a year-round New Orleanian or a visiting out-of-towner looking for a memorable Mardi Gras experience, you’ll have a fantastic time and make life-long friends and memories.

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A multi-event experience

The Krewe of Pontchartrain offers a unique experience. Join us not only for the Parade, but for parties before and after, our formal Coronation Ball, dining at world-famous Galatoires, and more! See everything we have to offer.

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Simply like nothing else

0There's a reason it's called "The Greatest Free Show on Earth." In one of the most vibrant and unique cities in the world, New Orleans' Carnival season is a magical time of joy and celebration for young and old alike.

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What they're saying ...


Riding with the krewe is a great experience. We have a ball, a luncheon, a second line parade down Bourbon, a balcony party, the parade and an after party. Riding on a float is a fun experience. We throw a lot of different items including cups, beads, plush, dog leashes, trays, rubber ducks and fedora hats. You will make a lot of friends and have a fun Mardi Gras.

Farmington, MN

Get your spot on a float starting at only $350!


For us Mardi Gras doesn't start until Pontchartrain says so!! It gets things rolling and is one of the best parades you will attend.  If you want to ride  and attend a ball you can do it!  The people are fun, friendly and know how to have a good time. If you haven't caught this parade you are missing out ... and if you want to ride in it you can join, as membership is open!  Go pass a good time!!

The Traveling Man
Jacksonville, AR

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