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Who can become a member?

We are a diverse krewe and if you want to join our Krewe, we want you with us! Whether you’re a year-round New Orleanian or visiting from out-of-town and looking to upgrade your Mardi Gras experience, you’ll have a fantastic time and make life-long friends and memories.

Optional member-only purchases

These items are not included in your membership dues, but are highly recommended to complete your Krewe experience, and are available to Krewe members only. You'll be notified on your member account page when they're available for purchase.

  • An assortment of “throws” which includes cups emblazoned with the krewe’s logo, lots of long beads, stuffed animals, and other popular items.
  • Ticket(s) to the Coronation Ball
  • Ticket(s) to the Celebration Luncheon

How does this work if I want to ride with my friends/family?

You sign yourself up, you pay, you ride. If you’re registering to ride and have friends/family/team members also riding that you want to ride with, you all need to agree on a “pack” name, and select that name from the list on the signup form when asked. If you don't see your Pack name on the list when you sign up, then you're the first member of your pack to register. In that case, select "Add My Pack" from the drop-down list, and you'll be able to add your pack name there. Then when other members from your pack register, they'll be able to select your pack name from the list.

The Krewe will make every effort to keep pack members together.

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